Commit c02f3fa7 authored by Denis Laxalde's avatar Denis Laxalde
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Get rid of monkeypatches and workaround imports for cubicweb < 3.21

Related to #17133718.
parent 948c0c93f806
......@@ -22,7 +22,6 @@ from six import text_type, binary_type
import cubicweb
CW_VERSION = tuple(map(int, cubicweb.__version__.split('.')[:2]))
POST_321 = CW_VERSION >= (3, 21)
POST_323 = CW_VERSION >= (3, 23)
......@@ -20,12 +20,7 @@ from urlparse import urlparse
from six import PY2, text_type, string_types
from cubes.skos import POST_321
if POST_321:
# use new CW 3.21 dataimport API
from cubicweb.dataimport.importer import ExtEntity
from cubes.skos import ExtEntity
from cubicweb.dataimport.importer import ExtEntity
......@@ -19,92 +19,9 @@
from datetime import datetime
from six import text_type
from logilab.common.decorators import monkeypatch
from cubes.skos import POST_321, POST_323
if not POST_321:
from copy import copy
import inspect
from cubicweb.dataimport import MetaGenerator, NoHookRQLObjectStore
def __init__(self, cnx, baseurl=None, source=None):
self._cnx = cnx
if baseurl is None:
config = cnx.vreg.config
baseurl = config['base-url'] or config.default_base_url()
if not baseurl[-1] == '/':
baseurl += '/'
self.baseurl = baseurl
if source is None:
source = cnx.repo.system_source
self.source = source
self.create_eid = cnx.repo.system_source.create_eid
self.time =
# attributes/relations shared by all entities of the same type
self.etype_attrs = []
self.etype_rels = []
# attributes/relations specific to each entity
self.entity_attrs = ['cwuri']
schema = cnx.vreg.schema
rschema = schema.rschema
for rtype in self.META_RELATIONS:
# skip owned_by / created_by if user is the internal manager
if cnx.user.eid == -1 and rtype in ('owned_by', 'created_by'):
if rschema(rtype).final:
def init_entity(self, entity):
entity.eid = self.create_eid(self._cnx)
extid = entity.cw_edited.get('cwuri')
for attr in self.entity_attrs:
if attr in entity.cw_edited:
# already set, skip this attribute
genfunc = self.generate(attr)
if genfunc:
entity.cw_edited.edited_attribute(attr, genfunc(entity))
if isinstance(extid, text_type):
extid = extid.encode('utf-8')
return self.source, extid
def create_entity(self, etype, **kwargs):
for key, value in kwargs.iteritems():
kwargs[key] = getattr(value, 'eid', value)
entity, rels = self.metagen.base_etype_dicts(etype)
# make a copy to keep cached entity pristine
entity = copy(entity)
entity.cw_edited = copy(entity.cw_edited)
entity.cw_edited.update(kwargs, skipsec=False)
entity_source, extid = self.metagen.init_entity(entity)
cnx = self._cnx
self.source.add_info(cnx, entity, entity_source, extid)
self.source.add_entity(cnx, entity)
kwargs = dict()
if inspect.getargspec(self.add_relation).keywords:
kwargs['subjtype'] = entity.cw_etype
for rtype, targeteids in rels.iteritems():
# targeteids may be a single eid or a list of eids
inlined = self.rschema(rtype).inlined
for targeteid in targeteids:
self.add_relation(cnx, entity.eid, rtype, targeteid,
inlined, **kwargs)
except TypeError:
self.add_relation(cnx, entity.eid, rtype, targeteids,
inlined, **kwargs)
self._nb_inserted_entities += 1
return entity
from cubes.skos import POST_323
if not POST_323:
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