Commit a25c2625 authored by Denis Laxalde's avatar Denis Laxalde
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Added tag 1.6.0 for changeset f24145efca27

parent f24145efca27
......@@ -77,3 +77,4 @@ be2a178a1ddf6be0617a2f7dd2650ccc7da393ac centos/1.2.1-1
7fc035c8ab1e27c0177febecbdb22b27af93e68b 1.4.0
66cfc6c34df06f81f4283006c432b17029f9fb2e 1.5.0
d7da525792c555d3ae8e75c6762fa5f3204abe67 debian/1.5.0-1
f24145efca272705e43cab59914540f1ed23f5fa 1.6.0
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