Commit 7c90cc8b authored by Denis Laxalde's avatar Denis Laxalde
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Drop ExtEntity definition ported in cubicweb.dataimport a long time ago

This bit of code got introduced in 2015 when
cubicweb.dataimport.importer was not yet written.
parent 18953c4278f4
......@@ -95,77 +95,3 @@ def to_unicode(obj):
return text_type(obj)
except UnicodeDecodeError:
return binary_type(obj).decode(sys.getdefaultencoding(), 'ignore')
class ExtEntity(object):
"""Transitional representation of an entity for use in data importer"""
def __init__(self, etype, extid, values=None):
self.etype = etype
self.extid = extid
if values is None:
values = {}
self.values = values
self._schema = None
def __repr__(self):
return '<%s %s %s>' % (self.etype, self.extid, self.values)
def prepare(self, schema):
"""Prepare an external entity for later insertion:
* ensure attributes and inlined relations have a single value
* turn set([value]) into value and remove key associated to empty set
* remove non inlined relations and return them as a [(e1key, relation, e2key)] list
Return a list of non inlined relations that may be inserted later, each relations defined by
a 3-tuple (subject extid, relation type, object extid).
Take care the importer may call this method several times.
if self._schema is not None: # already prepared
assert self._schema is schema
return ()
self._schema = schema
eschema = schema.eschema(self.etype)
deferred = []
entity_dict = self.values
for rtype in list(entity_dict):
rschema = schema.rschema(rtype)
if or rschema.inlined:
assert len(entity_dict[rtype]) <= 1, \
"more than one value for attribute %s: %s (%s)" % (rtype, entity_dict[rtype],
if entity_dict[rtype]:
entity_dict[rtype] = entity_dict[rtype].pop()
if ( and eschema.has_metadata(rtype, 'format')
and not rtype + '_format' in entity_dict):
entity_dict[rtype + '_format'] = u'text/plain'
del entity_dict[rtype]
for target_extid in entity_dict[rtype]:
deferred.append((self.extid, rtype, target_extid))
del entity_dict[rtype]
return deferred
def is_ready(self, extid2eid):
"""Return True if the ext entity is ready, i.e. has all the URIs used in inlined relations
currently existing.
entity_dict = self.values
assert self._schema, 'prepare() method should be called first'
schema = self._schema
for rtype in entity_dict:
rschema = schema.rschema(rtype)
if not
# _prepare_extentity should drop other cases from the entity dict
assert rschema.inlined
if not entity_dict[rtype] in extid2eid:
return False
# entity is ready, replace all relation's extid by eids
for rtype in entity_dict:
rschema = schema.rschema(rtype)
if rschema.inlined:
entity_dict[rtype] = extid2eid[entity_dict[rtype]]
return True
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