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initial commit: adapt silime timeline widget 2.3.0 for ICalendarable entities

include *.py
include */*.py
recursive-include data *.gif *.png *.ico *.css *.js
recursive-include i18n *.po
recursive-include wdoc *
cw cube for simili-timeline
"""cubicweb-similetimeline application package
cw cube for simili-timeline
# pylint: disable=W0622
"""cubicweb-similetimeline application packaging information"""
modname = 'similetimeline'
distname = 'cubicweb-similetimeline'
numversion = (0, 1, 0)
version = '.'.join(str(num) for num in numversion)
license = 'LGPL'
author = 'LOGILAB S.A. (Paris, FRANCE)'
author_email = ''
description = 'cw cube for simili-timeline'
web = '' % distname
__depends__ = {'cubicweb': '>= 3.14.0'}
__recommends__ = {}
from os import listdir as _listdir
from os.path import join, isdir
from glob import glob
THIS_CUBE_DIR = join('share', 'cubicweb', 'cubes', modname)
def listdir(dirpath):
return [join(dirpath, fname) for fname in _listdir(dirpath)
if fname[0] != '.' and not fname.endswith('.pyc')
and not fname.endswith('~')
and not isdir(join(dirpath, fname))]
data_files = [
# common files
[THIS_CUBE_DIR, [fname for fname in glob('*.py') if fname != '']],
# check for possible extended cube layout
for dname in ('entities', 'views', 'sobjects', 'hooks', 'schema', 'data', 'wdoc', 'i18n', 'migration'):
if isdir(dname):
data_files.append([join(THIS_CUBE_DIR, dname), listdir(dname)])
# Note: here, you'll need to add subdirectories if you want
# them to be included in the debian package
Version 2.3.0
* Added test 5, really long labels, to test example page rev 1601, LarryK
* Added tags/latest, a copy of the latest tagged release. Will be used for
referring to examples and other source files from the wiki. This way
the wiki references will not need to be updated for each release.
* Added test example page for trying and testing event attributes
src/webapp/examples/test_example/test.html -- LarryK rev 1598
* Fixed issues caused when events don't have title attribute.
Issue tracker #20 -- LarryK rev 1598
* Event tape heights now use theme.event.tape.height. Better than using css since:
theme.event.track.height & theme.event.tape.height need to work with each other.
It is easier and clearer to set both in the same place (the theme), rather than
one in the theme and one in the css. This is a breaking change if you were
setting the height in the css. People were having problems with this in the
mailing list.
Further note about this change since it is undoing someone's work: The tape height
on the screen was defined purely by css. But the tape height from the theme was
still being used (to some extent) in the sw. In particular, the Theme's tape height
is returned by function _paintEventTape in file original-painter. It doesn't make
sense for the theme's tape height to be returned by the function when the
actual height of the tape was being controlled in the css file.
-- LarryK rev 1623
* Un-commented-out = color;
from Timeline.OriginalEventPainter.prototype._createHighlightDiv function
to re-enable event highlighting
-- Hunt Culver and LarryK rev 1628
* Bullet-proofing: Fix for issue 34. The Monet example had a latestStart date
after the event's earliestEnd. This caused the tape width to be negative. This
caused an exception when setting the width value, but only on IE. Fix: changed
sources.js to sanity check dates and append error messages to event title if
a problem is detected. Updated test example to have events with bad dates.
Thank you to Tim Dimsdale for noting that the example didn't run in Monet.
-- LarryK rev 1629
* Tape color for overview painter now set. Uses following precedence: event's color attribute,
theme.event.duration.color or css color for class timeline-small-event-tape
See issue 16 -- LarryK rev 1630
* Update to send css class to computeSize. Fixes:
issue 13 - TIMELINE: Event labels wrap on FF 3 on Mac
issue 30 - TIMELINE : Event labels wrap when 'classname' attribute is added and text is bold
NOTE: fixes don't work unless latest Simile-Ajax library is used. Will be
automatically used after it is released.
-- LarryK rev 1638
* Added and revised autoWidth. AutoWidth automatically calculates and sets the 'width' for
the Timeline's bands and for the overall Timeline. The 'width,' for horizontal
Timelines, is actually the 'height' style of the various divs.
The event painters do not calculate the tracks of all the events when they are loaded,
the event tracks are only calculated when they are viewed or are about to be viewed.
In the same way, the needed width is re-calculated whenever a new set of events
are viewed or are about to be viewed. If the new needed width is greater than the
current width, the increase is animated. See the example.
To use autoWidth:
1) You will be modifying the classic theme's settings in your html file.
2) Set the theme's autoWidth to true
3) Optionally update the theme's autoWidthAnimationTime setting.
4) Optionally update the autoWidthMargin settings in the Theme. The margin, per
band, is used to set how close the bottom of the lowest track is to the
edge of the band's div. The units are total track width. There are two settings,
one for overview bands, the second for others.
5) After you have loaded your events, call tl.finishedEventLoading() where tl is the
Timeline object returned from Timeline.create.
Demo: examples/test_example2/test_example2.html
-- LarryK rev 1630, 1643
* Updated License to refer to JQuery -- LarryK rev 1643
* Added License file to zip files -- LarryK rev 1643
* Changed example files to refer to Google Simile directory. -- LarryK rev 1643
* Fixed: autoWidth wasn't working on Safari/Windows. -- LarryK rev 1644
* Fixed issue 33: added event attribute durationEvent.
Values of isDuration and durationEvent must be true or false for JSON and
"true" or "false" for XML and SPARCL. Otherwise results are indeterminate.
This can be a breaking change for event sources that were using values
other than the above. -- LarryK rev 1654
* Added event attribute trackNum for developers to specify a track number.
See issue 26. -- LarryK rev 1654
* Improve autoWidth for overview bands: calculation should include overviewTrack.offset
-- LarryK rev 1655
* Add English day names to en locale -- LarryK rev 1656
* Rebuilt bundle files with new ver of Ajax lib. -- LarryK rev 1658
* Split band.js out of timeline.js. Assign event IDs sequentially rather than using
random number generator. Add formated ids to event tapes, labels, icons to
enable a single listener to retrieve state from the id. Added support functions
event-utils.js. -- LarryK rev 1659
* Highlighting testing using Religions example. Restored event highlight colors to theme
to fix. -- LarryK rev 1659
* New feature: When highlighting events on a Timeline, default is to highlight the event's
icon or tape. If theme.event.highlightLabelBackground is true, the label's background
will also be changed to the highlight color. See the Jewish timeline example.
-- LarryK rev 1659
* Fixed issue 31, added event's classname attribute to div for icons too.
-- LarryK rev 1659
* event's tape and highlight div's need index num in id since there can be more
than one tape div per event. -- And id must be unique. -- LarryK rev 1661
* Added EventPaintListener hook to original-painter. Enables clients to hook into
painting life cycle. See original-painter.js. -- LarryK rev 1661
* Changed calculation of labelTop for paintImpreciseInstantEvent to be same
calculation as in paintPreciseDurationEvent in original-painter.
Problem was that label was too close to tape (and would sometimes overlap)
for Imprecise Instant Events. Test example 2, imprecise instant event at
year 4400 (with thick tape) looks much better with the change.
-- LarryK rev 1661
* Added track.offset setting to original-painter. Enables specific
control over top margin of band event painting. Very useful when a
Timeline has multiple event bands or a pseudo event band that is just
used for labeling above an event band. -- LarryK rev 1661
* Added instant.impreciseIconMargin to original-painter. Enables specific
control over top margin of icon (margin between bottom of tape and
top of icon). Only used if the event has a tape and an icon.
-- LarryK rev 1661
* Added band arg to eventPaintListener listeners -- LarryK rev 1662
* Reworked autoWidth to stop recursive call to painter -- LarryK rev 1663
* Further autoWidth work to have Timeline monitor scroll of bands rather
than having bands call up into Timeline. Eliminated sleep for
smoother scrolling with autoWidth -- LarryK rev 1664
* Use new maxHeight param from SimileAjax for setting maxHeight of
bubbles. Added theme.bubble.maxHeight with default of 0 (no maximum).
Old theme param of bubble.height is not used within source of
Timeline, so removed it. -- LarryK rev 1667
* Span decorator improvements: now can have null labels. New param of
inFront. If true, then the span is in front of all layers but the events.
Now uses color attribute if present, else css. -- LarryK rev 1677
* Span point decorator: Now uses color attribute if present, else css.
-- LarryK rev 1677
* Timeline start and end feature: Optionally add theme.timeline_start,
theme.timeline_stop to disable movement of the Timeline beyond the
start and/or stop. The setting affects the entire Timeline and must
be set in the theme of the first band. Depending on the relative
resolutions of the bands, different amounts of the various bands
will be seen when at a start or stop edge, depending on which band
was being moved and by how much. In addition to setting the timeline_start
and _stop, you may want to add span decorators to cover up the
unused parts of the Timeline. See example2. Note that the Timeline
will not be movable past a start/stop edge but it can be initially
loaded beyond the edges by using the date parameter of the Band Info.
-- LarryK rev 1677
* When you run run.bat, we now serve
http://localhost:9999/ajax/api - from src/webapp/ajax/api/
http://localhost:9999/timeline - from src/webapp/site/
http://localhost:9999/timeline/api - from src/webapp/timeline/api/
-- David H rev 1705
* PointHighlightDecorator now uses the width parameter, not CSS.
Issue is that the Point Highlight Decorator is centered on the point in time
being decorated. So the JS needs to calculate based on the width--therefore
don't use CSS for width. Thanks to Christian Thiemann.
* Revised all examples to use new directory layout.
-- LarryK rev 1729
* Added CompactPainter, which allows for large images and can render
image stacks. See the new compact-painter example.
-- David H rev 1759
* Added Timeline.version string in timeline.js. Issue 60.
Added Timeline.writeVersion -- a helper that writes out the
current version. Updated examples to use it.
Updated build.xml to include Ajax new styles directory.
Fixed overview painter to use event's classname attribute if present.
Add a test for this to test-example.
-- LarryK rev 1813
* Fixed build.xml to not include .bak files.
Moved contents of /site up one level into /webapp -- per David H.
Fixed library references in all examples to match new dir layout.
-- LarryK rev 1814
* Added src/misc/fix_svn_props.txt -- used to correctly set props on
example files. Enables them to be run in browser from svn repo.
Changed timeline-api to use MIT Simile Ajax v 2.2.0.
Changed version to 2.3.0 in anticipation of the release.
-- LarryK rev 1821
* Also need to set mime type to be text/xml for xml src files.
-- LarryK rev 1822
* Bug fix: misspelled className as classname -- LarryK rev 1823
* Fixed IE-only bug. Chokes on <span id='x' />. Changed to <span id='x'></span> and all is well.
Another IE only bug: double class name selectors don't work on
IE. Eg <div class 'foo bar' /> should be selected with css selector (or
Works everywhere but ie. So added label-, icon-, tape- to className plus className by
itself in original_painter. Additional prefixes: highlight- for event-highlight,
small- for overview painter. Problem was caught by test-example.
-- LarryK rev 1824
* Updated jetty config file to serve
http://localhost:9999/timeline - from src/webapp/
Revised Release Notes for release.
-- LarryK rev 1825
* Changed copyright link to be
-- LarryK rev 1826
Version 2.2.0 -- September 23, 2008
* Prep for 2.2.0: updated RELEASE_NOTES -- LarryK rev 1593
* Added comments per MPS in timeline-api.js that bundle=true
is needed unless you've installed full source
-- LarryK rev 1593
* Added comments to original-painter.js -- LarryK rev 1593
* Re-built to pick up new simile-ajax that includes jquery 1.2.6
-- eob rev 1589
Version 2.1.0 -- September 19, 2008
* Prep for 2.1.0: updated examples, readme. created RELEASE_NOTES LarryK
* Added to build file. Removed
-- LarryK rev 1579
* Event attribute classname is added to the classnames for the event's label
and tape divs. Eg classname of 'hot_event' will result in div classes of
'timeline-event-label hot_event' and 'timeline-event-tape hot_event' for
the event's Timeline label and tape, respectively. Change is that classname
is now added to the tape's div. -- LarryK rev 1576
* Re-worked function Timeline.DefaultEventSource.Event in sources.js to use
named arguments (via a hash/anon object) rather than positional arguments.
19 positional arguments are too many! Now much easier and cleaner to add
additional event attributes.
Note: this is a breaking change for anyone who calls Event directly. But since
the wiki page about dynamic events recommends calling loadXML, etc, I
hoping that this won't cause anyone much pain. And the new format is
MUCH easier to use as a developer. -- LarryK rev 1576
* New event attribute eventID is a 'cookie' attribute that is stored, not used
by the Timeline library. If you write a custom labeller or event bubble
filler, the attribute can be obtained using the getEventID() method on the
event object. -- LarryK rev 1576
* New event attribute caption superceedes hoverText. hoverText is deprecated.
For now, it will live on for backwards compatibility. -- LarryK rev 1576
* Event attributes barImage and barRepeat renamed to tapeImage and tapeRepeat.
No backwards compatibility. (Breaking change from previous checkin)
-- LarryK rev 1576
* Fix: Event color attribute now properly sets the background color of the bar.
Note that events (where isDuration = true) have opacity applied. See (LarryK) rev 1569
* New event attribute barImage sets the event's bar div background-image.
New event attribute barRepeat sets the background-repeat. Default is 'repeat'
Cubism example updated to demonstrate color, textColor, barImage, barRepeat and
hoverText attributes. For a handy stripe generator, see (LarryK) rev 1569
* Fix: Event attribute hoverText was not properly processed by JSON or SPARCL sources
(LarryK) rev 1569
* Build process now creates which has source, examples and the
jetty web server. Enables easy access with for folks without svn. (LarryK) rev 1569
* Added copy of JFK timeline in examples with Dutch locale set.
(LarryK) rev 1560
* Added forceLocale parameter to timeline-api.js to force a locale for testing
(LarryK) rev 1560
* Added Dutch localization (Marko) rev 1560
* Added mouse-wheel scroll. Mouse-wheel acts as left and right arrow keys. Theme
controls whether the mouse-wheel scrolls, zooms or moves the page (if the page
has a scroll-bar). Docs: see webapp/docs/create-timelines.html
(LarryK) rev 1553
* Additional support in timeline-api for using your own server for Timeline
libraries (LarryK) rev 1553
* Separation of javascript and css (gm.marko) rev 1326
* Added mouse-wheel zoom functionality. It operates on a per-band basis, keeping
the date under the mouse cursor static while the timeline around it scales.
Zoom is specified as user-defined steps. Documentation and a working demo in
the webapp/docs/create-timelines.html page (halcyon1981) rev 1418
* Added support for 'hoverText' - title pop-ups on Exhibit-based timelines
(Vincent.Vazzo) rev 1411
Version 2.0
* Software changes
* Moved svn repository to Google code
* (c) Copyright The SIMILE Project 2006. All rights reserved.
* Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
* modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions
* are met:
* 1. Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright
* notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.
* 2. Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright
* notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the
* documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution.
* 3. The name of the author may not be used to endorse or promote products
* derived from this software without specific prior written permission.
* Note: JQuery, is included in the Ajax section of this
* distribution. It is covered by its own license:
* Copyright (c) 2008 John Resig (
* Dual licensed under the MIT (MIT-LICENSE.txt)
* and GPL (GPL-LICENSE.txt) licenses.
What is this?
Timeline is a DHTML-based AJAXy timeline.
Running Timeline
Timeline consists of static resources, Javascript libraries,
image files and css files. All you really need is to
serve those resources off a web server. Any web server will do.
Two ways to access the library
1. Unzip either or into
a directory served by a webserver. includes complete source and example files. Use your
browser to see the examples at
.../timeline_directory/src/webapp is the minimum install of the bundled js libraries,
css and image files
2. No web server? The timeline project includes a small webserver called
Jetty (use the file)
a) install the Java runtime from Sun
b) unzip to an install directory
c) Open a shell or command prompt to the install directory and type:
[win32]> run
[unix/macosx]> chmod +x run; ./run
and then point your browser to
How do I customize Timeline?
Refer to the Timeline web site at
Mailing List and Forum
Join the community by joining the Google Group SIMILE Widgets
Licensing and legal issues
Timeline is open source software and are licensed under the BSD license
located in the LICENSE.txt file located in the same directory as this very file
you are reading.
This software was created by the SIMILE project and originally written
by the SIMILE development team (in alphabetical order):
- David François Huynh <dfhuynh at>
--- o ---
Thanks for your interest.
The SIMILE Project
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