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      Added tag 0.17.0 for changeset 0a565615f0d5 · c339778239a5
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      [pkg] Version 0.17.0 · 0a565615f0d5
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      [profile gen] Account for bdo's user cardinality or its parent's in... · fcb890e6d9d7
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      [profile gen] Account for bdo's user cardinality or its parent's in "Integrity" element (CONSEJIRA-663)
      See also https://jira.mtpl.bs.fr.atos.net/browse/CONSEJIRA-663
      For more details, quoting verbatim the customer request for future reference:
      | Sur les documents multi occurrences (0-n ou 1-n) ou même si l’archive
      | est multi occurrence (0-n ou 1-n), il y a une balise integrity qui est
      | liée au document dans le bordereau de versement que l’on génère.
      | Or, dans le XSD du profil, la balise integrity du document ne possède
      | pas l'attribut : maxOccurs="unbounded"
      | Donc lors de l'envoi à Asalae du versement, Asalae fait une vérification
      | par rapport au profil et affiche une erreur a cause de la balise
      | integrity qui est présente plusieurs fois.
      | Pour moi le correctif à faire doit porter sur le XSD et le RNG sur la
      | balise integrity pour qu'elle soit multi-occurrence possible dans les cas
      | suivants :
      |   *   Si le document (Document) est en multi occurrence (0-n ou 1-n)
      |       donc avec un attribut maxOccurs="unbounded"
      |   *   Si une UA (Contains) supérieure au document est en multi
      |       occurrence (0-n ou 1-n) donc avec un attribut
      |       maxOccurs="unbounded"
      | si une UA supérieur est en cardinalité max unbounded, alors
      | l'integrity sur les documents en dessous doit forcément être en
      | unbounded également
      | il faut que l'integrity soit en facultative ou multi occurrence si une
      | UA supérieure est facultative ou en multi occurrence.
      This is essentially achieved by looking for the upper parent archive
      units of a data object then their cardinality to produce the Integrity element.
      Adding tests for new integrity_cardinality() function based on customer
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      [test] Specify bdo's user_cardinality in test_seda_0_2_bordereau_ref · 1fe87336af7c
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      In the next changeset, binary data object's user_cardinality will be
      accounted for when inserting the "Integrity" element in profile whereas
      it is currently hard-coded to "0..1" (see xsd_integrity() method of
      SEDA1XSDExport and SEDA02XSDExport classes). In order to prevent changes
      to generated profile with respect to the "seda_02_bordereau_ref.xml"
      file, we set the value of user_cardinality created bdo in this test.
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      [hooks] Delete binary DO when deleting an archive unit not related to a profile · 30e67f4f9e29
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      We extend the logic of "seda.doref.del" hook so that it not only handles
      the case of "simplified profile" but also the case of archive unit not
      related to a profile. In the later case, we check that the container of
      "SEDABinaryDataObject" is really a "SEDAArchiveUnit" (not sure what else
      it could be) and trigger the operation deleting the binary data-object
      when its parent object reference (SEDADataObjectReference entity) is
      Accordingly, we rename hook and operation classes and update their
      This resolves CONSEJIRA-643 but making deletion of an archive unit
      containing a binary data object but not related to profile. New test
      goes into test_schema.py below other tests related to the hook we
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      Refactor conditional logic in SimplifiedProfileDelRefROHook a bit · 049322b9d8ee
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      This is a preparatory refactoring to ease introduction of a functional
      change in the next changeset.
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      Added tag 0.15.1 for changeset c44cc9226387 · 181f83e6b545
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      [pkg] Version 0.15.1 · c44cc9226387
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      Make "seda.tree" component selectable for all items of the SEDA tree · 820fbe858027
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      This follows-up on changeset 0b663b4c509f which made
      ProfileTreeComponent class abstract and introduced a regression in that
      the component was then only selectable for SEDAArchiveTransfer entities,
      hence making the tree component disappear when navigating to leafs of
      the tree.
      A concrete class of this component must exist for all possible entity
      types under a SEDAArchiveTransfer entity. We thus extend the selector of
      TransferTreeComponent (renamed as ProfileTreeComponent) to list all
      entity types. Accordingly, we make it clearer that the base class is
      abstract by renameing it.
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      Delete "container" relation on archive unit when unlinked from a profile · 359177d6a1c8
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      - Container machinery got introduced in 143ae7a4a964, at that time the
        "container" relation was mandatory (on subject) for all entity types.
      - Integrity of this relation relied on the assumption that the relation
        was mandatory. (I.e. all entities mush have a link to their container
        and the only way to remove this link is to remove the container entity
      - In a88deb387b2b, this assumption got broken as "container" relation
        was made optional for SEDAArchiveUnit as a subject. From there, when
        an archive unit got unlinked from a profile (through deletion of the
        "seda_archive_unit" relation), a "container" relation remained set.
      - This is problem since permission (especially on "delete" action)
        relies on the presence or absence of this relation. For instance,
        one would get an error when trying to delete an archive unit they just
        unlinked from a profile because they have no rights to delete the
      So we fix this by dropping the "container" relation when a
      "seda_archive_unit" relation is deleted through a new hook.
      Additional test goes in test_entities.py as other container-related
      tests live there.
      In migration, we drop spurious "container" relation (not sure there are
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