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revert cubcweb_eac upgrade to 0.9.0 as cubicweb-saem_ref needs a lot of changes to
cubcweb_eac > 0.8.4

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......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ web = '' % distname
__depends__ = {
'cubicweb': '>= 3.26',
'cubicweb-eac': '>= 1.0.0',
'cubicweb-eac': '>= 0.8.4',
'cubicweb-skos': '>= 2.0.0',
'cubicweb-compound': '>= 0.7',
'cubicweb-relationwidget': '>= 0.4',
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright © LOGILAB S.A. (Paris, FRANCE) 2016-2021
# Contact --
# This software is governed by the CeCILL-C license under French law and
# abiding by the rules of distribution of free software. You can use,
# modify and/ or redistribute the software under the terms of the CeCILL-C
# license as circulated by CEA, CNRS and INRIA at the following URL
# "".
# As a counterpart to the access to the source code and rights to copy,
# modify and redistribute granted by the license, users are provided only
# with a limited warranty and the software's author, the holder of the
# economic rights, and the successive licensors have only limited liability.
# In this respect, the user's attention is drawn to the risks associated
# with loading, using, modifying and/or developing or reproducing the
# software by the user in light of its specific status of free software,
# that may mean that it is complicated to manipulate, and that also
# therefore means that it is reserved for developers and experienced
# professionals having in-depth computer knowledge. Users are therefore
# encouraged to load and test the software's suitability as regards their
# requirements in conditions enabling the security of their systemsand/or
# data to be ensured and, more generally, to use and operate it in the
# same conditions as regards security.
# The fact that you are presently reading this means that you have had
# knowledge of the CeCILL-C license and that you accept its terms.
from cubicweb_eac.schema import AuthorityRecord
# cubicweb_eac
record_id = next(AuthorityRecord.get_relations('record_id'))
record_id.cardinality = '?1'
......@@ -32,29 +32,11 @@
from cubicweb.web.views import uicfg
pvs = uicfg.primaryview_section
abaa = uicfg.actionbox_appearsin_addmenu
affk = uicfg.autoform_field_kwargs
afs = uicfg.autoform_section
# cubicweb_eac
# form
afs.tag_subject_of(("AuthorityRecord", "languages", "*"), "main", "hidden")
afs.tag_subject_of(("AuthorityRecord", "record_id", "*"), "main", "hidden")
for attribute in ("authorized_form", "preferred_form", "alternative_form",
"language", "script_code"):
afs.tag_subject_of(("NameEntry", attribute, "*"), "main", "hidden")
for objrel in ("convention_of", "parallel_names_of", "resource_relation_resource",
"family_from", "family_to",
"function_relation_agent", "function_relation_function",
"identity_from", "identity_to"):
afs.tag_object_of(("*", objrel, "AuthorityRecord"), "main", "hidden")
afs.tag_object_of(('*', 'seda_data_object_group', '*'), 'main', 'hidden')
afs.tag_object_of(('*', 'seda_log_book', 'SEDAArchiveTransfer'), 'main', 'hidden')
afs.tag_object_of(('*', 'seda_data_object_group_system_id', '*'), 'main', 'hidden')
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