Commit 8897e3ed authored by Yann Voté's avatar Yann Voté
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[ui] Allow to choose entity view in seda.listitem view

parent 9f04daf0e6ca
......@@ -152,9 +152,10 @@ class ListItemView(EntityView):
__regid__ = 'seda.listitem'
__select__ = EntityView.__select__ & match_kwargs('parent', 'tabid')
business_vid = 'seda.link_meta'
def entity_call(self, entity, parent, tabid, edit=True, delete=True):
entity.view('seda.link_meta', w=self.w)
entity.view(self.business_vid, w=self.w)
if entity.cw_has_perm('update'):
self._cw.add_js(('cubicweb.ajax.js', 'cubes.seda.js'))
editurlparams = {
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