Commit 00046b82 authored by Sylvain Thénault's avatar Sylvain Thénault
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[test] Enhance and fix assertXSDAttributes

* return the whole dict instead of just the attribute's name
* fix xpath for attributes of simple types
parent 434113421704
......@@ -233,9 +233,10 @@ class SEDAXSDExportTC(XmlTestMixin, CubicWebTC):
def assertXSDAttributes(self, element, expected_attributes):
xpath = lambda x: element.xpath(x, namespaces=NAMESPACES)
# attributes for regular elements
attrs = [x.attrib['name'] for x in xpath('xs:complexType/xs:attribute')]
attrs = [x.attrib for x in xpath('xs:complexType/xs:attribute')]
# attributes for simple elements
attrs += [x.attrib['name'] for x in xpath('xs:simpleContent/xs:extension/xs:attribute')]
attrs += [x.attrib for x in xpath('xs:complexType/xs:simpleContent/'
self.assertEqual(attrs, expected_attributes)
def assertXSDElements(self, element, expected_children_name):
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