Commit 3061056d authored by Noé Gaumont's avatar Noé Gaumont 🐙
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ci(docker): add default dockerfile

parent c1eb3a6fcefb
FROM logilab/cubicweb:3.26
USER root
RUN if [ ! -z $ADDITIONAL_DEPS ] ; then pip install $ADDITIONAL_DEPS ; fi
COPY . /src
RUN pip install -e /src/
USER cubicweb
RUN docker-cubicweb-helper create-instance
RUN sed -i "s/^#default-ark-naa-what=.*$/default-ark-naa-what=25651/" /etc/cubicweb.d/instance/all-in-one.conf && \
sed -i "s/^#default-ark-naa-who=.*$/default-ark-naa-who=ADGIRONDE/" /etc/cubicweb.d/instance/all-in-one.conf
......@@ -13,3 +13,6 @@ prune debian
prune cubicweb-saem-ref.spec
include README.rst
exclude .gitlab-ci.yml
exclude .dockerignore
exclude Dockerfile
prune deploy
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