Commit d1a57d16 authored by Samuel Trégouët's avatar Samuel Trégouët
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[view] handle case when json field become a BufferedRandom instance

sometimes webob (or cgi) decide that json field content should be
BufferedRandom and not BytesIO in this case we cannot use getvalue
parent 342865dcac09
......@@ -114,7 +114,10 @@ class RqlIOController(Controller):
encoding = 'utf-8'
content = self._cw.form['json'][1]
args = json.loads(content.getvalue().decode(encoding))
# here we use .read instead of .gevalue because
# on some circumstances content is an instance of BufferedRandom
# which has no getvalue method
args = json.loads(
except ValueError as exc:
raise RemoteCallFailed(exc_message(exc, self._cw.encoding))
if not isinstance(args, (list, tuple)):
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