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[views] Only allow JSON requests on get_entities

Also redefine __select__ as parent classes require a version in the URL.
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......@@ -227,13 +227,16 @@ class AnonMultipartRqlIOController(BaseRqlIOController):
require_csrf = False
class GetEntitiesRqlIOController(JsonRqlIOController):
class GetEntitiesRqlIOController(BaseRqlIOController):
"""GetEntitiesRqlIOController allow to get entities attributes
from a RQL. Only attributes present in the RQL will be sent.
__regid__ = "rqlio_entities"
__select__ = match_http_method("POST")
__select__ = match_http_method("POST") & match_request_content_type(
"application/json", mode="any"
require_csrf = False
def publish(self, rset=None):
self._cw.ajax_request = True
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