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[doc] add some input/ output documentation for the service

Related to #3639007.
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restfull rql edition capabilities
Controller that gives users rql read/ write capabilities.
Sample usage
Users of this service must perform a HTTP POST request to its endpoint,
that is the base url of the CubicWeb application instance appended with
the "rqlio" url path.
The posted data must use the application/json MIME type, and contain a list of
pairs of the form `(rql_string, rql_arguments)`, where:
* `rql_string` is any valid RQL query that may contain mapping keys with
their usual form
* `rql_args` is a dictionary, whose keys are the mapping keys from
`rql_string`, and the values can be:
- actual values
- string references to a previous RQL query's result, with the
assumption that the referenced RQL query returns a single line and
single column rset; under such conditions, a string reference
must be "__rXXX" where `XXX` is the (0-based) index of the RQL query in
the json-encoded list of queries.
The HTTP request's response (in case where there is no error), is a
json-encoded list. Its length is the number of RQL queries in the request,
and each element contains the json-encoded result set rows from the
corresponding query.
In case of an error, a json object with a `reason` key will explain the
Python client example using python-requests::
import requests
import json
arg = [('INSERT CWUser U: U login %(l)s, U upassword %(p)s',
{'l': 'Babar', 'p': 'cubicweb rulez & 42'}),
('INSERT CWGroup G: G name "pachyderms"', {}),
('SET U in_group G WHERE U eid %(u)s, G eid %(g)s',
{'u': '__r0', 'g': '__r1'})
resp =''),
headers={'Content-Type': 'application/json'})
assert resp.status_code == 200
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