Commit c85514e0 authored by Nsukami Patrick's avatar Nsukami Patrick
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Flake8: fix E302 expected 2 blank lines, found 1

parent 60d3320151b1
......@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ __docformat__ = "restructuredtext en"
from cubicweb.entities import AnyEntity, fetch_config
class Person(AnyEntity):
"""customized class for Person entities"""
__regid__ = 'Person'
from cubicweb.predicates import is_instance
from cubicweb.sobjects.notification import ContentAddedView
class PersonAddedView(ContentAddedView):
"""get notified from new persons"""
__select__ = is_instance('Person')
import unittest
from cubicweb.devtools.testlib import AutomaticWebTest
class AutomaticWebTest(AutomaticWebTest):
def to_test_etypes(self):
import unittest
from cubicweb.devtools.testlib import CubicWebTC
class PersonTC(CubicWebTC):
def setup_database(self):
with self.admin_access.repo_cnx() as cnx:
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