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`person` provides person informations :
- firstname
- surname / lastname
- civility
- arbitrary text description
- a relation to an email address (NB, the `EmailAddress` entity is
automatically provided by cubicweb).
If the `addressbook` cube is used, persons will also have *phone* and
*postal_address* relations to store more contact information.
There is a special relation called 'primary_email'. A person can be linked to
multiple email addresses (using the 'use_email' relation). The primary email
must be unique. At the creation of the first email, this relation is
automatically added (though you can change it later, of course).
- `addressbook` cube
In addition of basic entity views, this cube provides :
- *VCardPersonView*, displays a person in the VCard file format
(.. _VCard on wikipedia: .
This view creates a file called `vcard.vcf` which can be open in
your addressbook application (Kmail, Thunderbird and so on). In
order to generate this file, you have to access to a specific view
using an url address with `?vid=vcard` suffix.
How to personalize the person primary view in order to add a link
for the vcard ?
.. sourcecode:: python
class PersonalizedPersonPrimaryView(PersonPrimaryView):
def render_entity_attributes(self, entity):
super(PersonalizedPersonPrimaryView, self).render_entity_attributes(entity)
self.w(u'<div><a href="%s">export contact as vcard</a></div>' % entity.absolute_url(vid='vcard'))
This view will not be selected by default. You have to registered
this view or add a selector. For more information, please refer to
XXX in the doc.
- a *civility facet*, this facet (XXX: ref to facet doc) will be shown
if a view displays a result set of at least two Person entities with
different civilities.
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