Commit c155af61 authored by Katia Saurfelt's avatar Katia Saurfelt
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Added tag 0.1.6 for changeset 59dceaee1ed9

branch : 0.1
parent 59dceaee1ed9
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......@@ -11,3 +11,4 @@ a6a8efe5d8bf366b991f68f1043a09436f213f69 debian/0.1.3-2
30a663c71b8fdd7142c26e1ba874fca78c6951f0 debian/0.1.4-1
7ea831f60b994087862021ab380bbe25548b5a90 0.1.5
7ea831f60b994087862021ab380bbe25548b5a90 debian/0.1.5-1
59dceaee1ed90fd67bf214e85bb1680cf5b582d7 0.1.6
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