Commit 7be2a98b authored by Denis Laxalde's avatar Denis Laxalde
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Implement attributes of Paginable resource as properties

I'm getting into trouble while trying to reuse this class in a multiple
inheritance context because the proper __init__ method is never called.
So, let's get rid of __init__ in Paginable and implement 'limit',
'offset' and '_has_next' attributes, previously defined in __init__ as
reified properties. Notice that, since _has_next may be changed (in
paginate() method), we also need a setter for this property.

Accordingly, drop super() calls in resource classes inheriting from
Paginable and mention that this class should be used as a mixin.
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......@@ -191,27 +191,42 @@ class RootResource(PluggableResource):
class Paginable(object):
""" A paginable resource"""
def __init__(self, request):
self.request = request
cnx = request.cw_cnx
"""A paginable resource mixin"""
def _has_next(self):
return getattr(self, '__has_next', False)
def _has_next(self, value):
setattr(self, '__has_next', value)
def limit(self):
cnx = self.request.cw_cnx
if cnx is not None:
default_limit = cnx.property_value('')
default_limit = 40
req_limit = request.params.get('limit', default_limit)
req_offset = request.params.get('offset', 0)
req_value = self.request.params.get('limit', default_limit)
self.limit = int(req_limit)
self.offset = int(req_offset)
limit = int(req_value)
except ValueError:
detail = 'invalid limit ({}) or offset ({})'.format(
req_limit, req_offset)
detail = 'invalid limit ({})'.format(req_value)
raise json_problem(status=400, detail=detail)
if limit < 1:
detail = 'invalid limit: {}'.format(limit)
raise json_problem(status=400, detail=detail)
if self.limit < 1:
detail = 'invalid limit: {}'.format(self.limit)
return limit
def offset(self):
req_value = self.request.params.get('offset', 0)
return int(req_value)
except ValueError:
detail = 'invalid offset ({})'.format(req_value)
raise json_problem(status=400, detail=detail)
self._has_next = False
def prev_link(self):
if self.offset > 0:
......@@ -257,7 +272,6 @@ class ETypeResource(Paginable, PluggableResource):
return factory
def __init__(self, request, etype, parent=None):
super(ETypeResource, self).__init__(request)
vreg = request.registry['cubicweb.registry']
self.request = request
self.etype = vreg.case_insensitive_etypes[etype.lower()]
......@@ -395,7 +409,6 @@ class RelatedEntitiesResource(Paginable, PluggableResource):
def __init__(self, request, rtype, role, **kwargs):
super(RelatedEntitiesResource, self).__init__(request)
self.request = request
self.rtype = rtype
self.role = role
......@@ -470,7 +470,7 @@ class EntitiesTC(BaseTC):
errors = res.json_body
expected = {
'status': 400,
'detail': "invalid limit (foo) or offset (0)",
'detail': "invalid limit (foo)",
'title': 'Bad Request',
self.assertEqual(errors, expected)
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