[Docker/deploy] add uwsgi stats and uwsgi-exporter sidecar

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WARNING: version difference between client (1.21) and server (1.19) exceeds the supported minor version skew of +/-1
$ sed "s@r.intra.logilab.fr/intranet/intranet@$CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE:latest@" deploy/deployment.yaml | kubectl -n intranet apply -f -
configmap/intranet unchanged
deployment.apps/intranet-scheduler unchanged
error: unable to decode "STDIN": resource.metadataOnlyObject.ObjectMeta: v1.ObjectMeta.Annotations: ReadString: expects " or n, but found 9, error found in #10 byte of ...|io/port":9117,"prome|..., bigger context ...|,"metadata":{"annotations":{"prometheus.io/port":9117,"prometheus.io/scrape":true},"name":"intranet"|...
service/intranet unchanged
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