feat(pkginfo): auto-upgrade all dependencies at once

* cubicweb[pyramid] to >=3.29.0,<3.30.0
* cubicweb-oauth2 to >=0.3.0,<0.4.0
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cubicweb_intranet/migration/0.13.0_Any.py:17: error: Name 'drop_relation_type' is not defined
cubicweb_intranet/migration/0.11.0_Any.py:1: error: Name 'add_relation_definition' is not defined
Found 33 errors in 12 files (checked 15 source files)
ERROR: InvocationError for command /builds/cubicweb/cubes/intranet/.tox/mypy/bin/mypy --ignore-missing-imports cubicweb_intranet (exited with code 1)
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ERROR: mypy: commands failed
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