Commit fadedb88 authored by Vladimir Popescu's avatar Vladimir Popescu
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[views] Drop GenomicMeasure CSV view. Rely on the eponymous view in brainomics instead

parent 21c6959506c1
......@@ -32,17 +32,3 @@ class SnpCSVView(CSVRsetView):
writer = self.csvwriter()
class GenomicMeasureCSVView(CSVRsetView):
"""CSV view for GenomicMeasure"""
__select__ = CSVRsetView.__select__ & is_instance('GenomicMeasure')
def call(self):
req = self._cw
rows = [('"subject_id"', '"type"', '"format"', '"filepath"')]
for entity in self.cw_rset.entities():
rows.append([entity.subject_id, entity.type,
entity.format, entity.filepath])
writer = self.csvwriter()
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