Commit b2101346 authored by Nsukami Patrick's avatar Nsukami Patrick
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autopep8: fix E201 whitespace after '('

parent 140e6bc002a4
......@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@ class ExpenseLineAccountingEntryXmlView(EntityView):
taxes = round(entity.taxes, 2)
account = entity.paid_by[0].account and xml_escape(entity.paid_by[0].account) or u''
self.w(u' <credit compte="%s" montant="%.2f" />\n'
% ( account, amount))
% (account, amount))
if entity.taxes:
# XXX hardcoded account for VAT
self.w(u' <debit compte="44566" montant="%.2f" />\n' % entity.taxes)
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