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Expense tracking application built on the CubicWeb framework.
Developping with docker
Assuming you have a postgresql running on your machine where you can connect
with peer authentication, run "make dev" it will spawn an interactive shell
inside a docker container with the code mounted in develop mode. It mean you
can edit the code locally and run it in the container.
Some useful commands::
* ``cubicweb-ctl db-create -a fresh`` will create and initialize the
* ``cubicweb-ctl pyramid -D -l info fresh`` will start the instance on
Deploying on kubernetes
To create the initial database from an existing empty database::
kubectl run -it fresh-dbcreate \
--env CW_DB_HOST=db \
--env CW_DB_USER=user \
--env CW_DB_PASSWORD=pass \
--env CW_DB_NAME=fresh \ --command -- \
cubicweb-ctl db-create --automatic --create-db=n fresh
kubectl delete deployment fresh-dbcreate
Then generate a secret named "fresh" from where environment variables are set::
kubectl create secret generic fresh-env \
--from-literal CW_DB_HOST=db
--from-literal CW_DB_USER=user \
--from-literal CW_DB_PASSWORD=pass \
--from-literal CW_DB_NAME=fresh \
--from-literal CW_BASE_URL=
Then deploy fresh with::
kubectl apply -f deployment.yaml
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