Commit 2041373a authored by Christophe de Vienne's avatar Christophe de Vienne
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Fix call_service arguments (closes #4492008)

As is, no way to have the cube do its work.
There should be some unittests that test the whole stack, not only the services.
parent beca335cda1a
......@@ -63,7 +63,8 @@ class ForgottenPasswordSendMailController(controller.Controller):
data = self.checked_data()
with self.appli.repo.internal_cnx() as cnx:
cnx.call_service('forgotpwd_send_email', data)
'forgotpwd_send_email', use_email=data['use_email'])
except ValidationError:
......@@ -143,7 +144,9 @@ class ForgottenPasswordRequestConfirm(controller.Controller):
def publish(self, rset=None):
data = self.checked_data()
with self.appli.repo.internal_cnx() as cnx:
msg = cnx.call_service('forgotpwd_change_passwd', data)
msg = cnx.call_service(
'forgotpwd_change_passwd', use_email=data['use_email'],
revocation_id=data['revocation_id'], upassword=data['upassword'])
raise Redirect(self._cw.build_url('pwdreset', __message=msg))
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