Commit d3e8da90 authored by Denis Laxalde's avatar Denis Laxalde

Added tag debian/2.3.0-1, 2.3.0 for changeset e191e994e45e

parent e191e994e45e
......@@ -84,3 +84,5 @@ eb7a912c696dc3cd88aa55a906ae0c8dd3698a78 debian/1.19.0-1
e7472f69fb9160fbf4a06dd5b6e8c1185f14bbeb 2.2.3
e7472f69fb9160fbf4a06dd5b6e8c1185f14bbeb debian/2.2.3-1
3ab2ee692d076f6c8266f0853b2de7b21fe67342 debian/2.2.3-2
e191e994e45e43aae603bc5739393a7fdd042d21 debian/2.3.0-1
e191e994e45e43aae603bc5739393a7fdd042d21 2.3.0
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