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Hide empty account for paid_by/paid_for when creating a new ExpenseLine

I'm not sure what "account" is, but looking at our instance, empty account mean
"old stuff".
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......@@ -45,8 +45,11 @@ class ExpenseLine(EntityType):
paid_by = SubjectRelation('PaidByAccount', cardinality='1*', constraints=[
RQLVocabularyConstraint('NOT (O associated_to A, A in_state ST, ST name "deactivated")'),
RQLVocabularyConstraint('NOT (O account "")'),
paid_for = SubjectRelation('PaidForAccount', cardinality='+*', constraints=[
RQLVocabularyConstraint('NOT O account ""'),
paid_for = SubjectRelation('PaidForAccount', cardinality='+*')
currency = String(required=True, maxsize=30, default=u'EUR')
exchange_rate = Float(required=True, default=1.0)
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