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add cwclientlib-based mbox import script

Closes #4616894
parent 9e71e82640e4
from __future__ import print_function
import sys
import argparse
import mailbox
from io import BytesIO
from itertools import combinations
from rfc822 import parsedate
from logilab.common.umessage import message_from_file
from cwclientlib import cwproxy, cwproxy_for
class StreamMailbox(mailbox.mbox):
"""A read-only mbox format mailbox from stream."""
_mangle_from_ = True
def __init__(self, stream, factory=None, create=True):
"""Initialize a stream mailbox."""
self._message_factory = mailbox.mboxMessage
mailbox.Mailbox.__init__(self, '', factory, create)
self._file = stream
self._toc = None
self._next_key = 0
self._pending = False # No changes require rewriting the file.
self._locked = False
self._file_length = None # Used to record mailbox size
class Importer(object):
def __init__(self, proxy):
self.proxy = proxy
self._address_cache = {}
self._reqs = []
def import_mbox_stream(self, stream):
self._import(StreamMailbox(stream, message_from_file, create=False))
def import_mbox(self, path):
self._import(mailbox.mbox(path, message_from_file, create=False))
def import_maildir(self, path):
self._import(mailbox.Maildir(path, message_from_file, create=False))
def _import(self, mailbox):
for message in sorted(mailbox, key=lambda x:parsedate(x['Date'])):
def import_message(self, message):
rql = 'INSERT Email E: E headers %(headers)s'
args = {'headers': '\n'.join('%s: %s' % header for header in message.message.items())}
self._reqs.append((rql, args))
emaileid = '__r%d' % (len(self._reqs) - 1)
self._part_index = 0
self._context = None
self._alternatives = []
self.import_message_parts(message, emaileid)
except cwproxy.RemoteValidationError as exc:
print("could not import message %s: %s" % (message.get('message-id'), exc.args))
self._reqs = []
def import_message_parts(self, message, emaileid):
if message.is_multipart():
self._context = message.get_content_type().split('/')[1]
if self._context == 'alternative':
for part in message.get_payload():
self.import_message_parts(part, emaileid)
if self._context == 'alternative':
alternatives = self._alternatives.pop()
for eid1, eid2 in combinations(alternatives, 2):
self._reqs.append(('SET X alternative Y WHERE X eid %(x)s, Y eid %(y)s',
{'x': eid1, 'y': eid2}))
self._context = None
self._import_message_part(message, emaileid)
def _import_message_part(self, part, emaileid):
assert not part.is_multipart()
contenttype = part.get_content_type()
main, sub = contenttype.split('/')
data = part.get_payload(decode=True)
if main == 'text':
encoding = u'UTF-8'
elif contenttype == 'application/pgp-signature':
if self._skipsign:
encoding = u'ascii'
if isinstance(data, str):
data = unicode(data, encoding)
encoding = None
name = part.get_filename()
if name or main != 'text' and contenttype != 'application/pgp-signature':
# suppose if we have a name, this is an attachement else this is a
# part/alternative
name = name or u'no name'
if isinstance(data, unicode):
data = data.encode('utf8')
self._reqs.append(('INSERT File F: F data %(data)s, F data_name %(name)s, '
'F data_format %(ctype)s, F data_encoding %(encoding)s',
{'data': BytesIO(data),
'name': name,
'ctype': contenttype,
'encoding': encoding}))
parteid = '__r%d' % (len(self._reqs) - 1)
self._reqs.append(('SET X attachment Y WHERE X eid %(x)s, Y eid %(y)s',
{'x': emaileid, 'y': parteid}))
self._part_index += 1
self._reqs.append(('INSERT EmailPart P: P content %(data)s, P content_format %(ctype)s, P ordernum %(idx)s',
{'data': data, 'ctype': contenttype, 'idx': self._part_index}))
parteid = '__r%d' % (len(self._reqs) - 1)
self._reqs.append(('SET X parts Y WHERE X eid %(x)s, Y eid %(y)s',
{'x': emaileid, 'y': parteid}))
if self._context == 'alternative':
def main():
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(
description='import email into a cubicweb instance')
'--url', metavar='url', type=str, required=True,
help='base url or name of the cubicweb instance')
'mbox', metavar='mailbox', type=argparse.FileType('r'),
nargs='+', help='mbox files to import (- for stdin)')
args = parser.parse_args()
proxy = cwproxy_for(args.url)
importer = Importer(proxy)
for f in args.mbox:
if __name__ == '__main__':
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