Commit 86811e32 authored by David Douard's avatar David Douard
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[mboximport] import the mail box messages sorted by date (closes #2515093)

This is required since the EmailThread creation logic strongly rely on the order which Email entities are created
parent 277d815fe802
......@@ -64,9 +64,11 @@ class MBOXImporter(object):
def import_mbox_stream(self, stream):
from mailbox import UnixMailbox
from mailbox import UnixMailbox as Mailbox
from rfc822 import parsedate
from logilab.common.umessage import message_from_file
for message in UnixMailbox(stream, message_from_file):
for message in sorted(Mailbox(stream, message_from_file),
key=lambda x:parsedate(x['Date'])):
if self.autocommit:
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