Commit 6ab02d9d authored by Adrien Di Mascio's avatar Adrien Di Mascio
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[mboximport] fix arguments handling on command line

The command line helper says that arguments should be
<pyro-appid> <mboxfile1> [<mboxfile2> ...]

Therefore pyro-appid should be the first item of the arguments list,
not the last one.

branch : stable
parent 17240345c788
......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ class MBOXImportCommand(Command):
def run(self, args):
"""run the command with its specific arguments"""
appid = args.pop()
appid = args.pop(0)
cnx = config_connect(appid, self.config)
cnx.load_appobjects(cubes=None, subpath=('entities',))
importer = MBOXImporter(cnx, verbose=True,
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