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......@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@ Parameters
* elasticsearch-locations (CW_ELASTICSEARCH_LOCATIONS)
* index-name (CW_INDEX_NAME)
* elasticsearch-verify-certs (CW_ELASTICSEARCH_VERIFY_CERTS)
* elasticsearch-ssl-show-warn (CW_ELASTICSEARCH_SSL_SHOW_WARN)
Pyramid debug panel
......@@ -32,4 +33,15 @@ panel in your ``pyramid.ini``:
The `cubicweb_elasticsearch.search_helpers.compose_search` referencies
a custom `alltext` field which contains all indexed text. This field must be
defined in the custom Indexer mapping.
\ No newline at end of file
defined in the custom Indexer mapping.
HTTPS and SSL certificates in communication with server
In some cases (ElasticSearch Kubernetes deployment for example), self signed
certificates are used and can be ignored using elasticsearc-verify-certs, in
this case, the python binding will issue warnings for each request, which is
cumbersome when running requests in a `ccplugin` command. You can use
`elasticsearch-ssl-show-warn (CW_ELASTICSEARCH_SSL_SHOW_WARN)` to remove
those warnings (default is to show them). Most of the time, a better solution
is to have proper certificates to authenticate the servers you are talking to.
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