Commit b2c433e2 authored by Élodie Thiéblin's avatar Élodie Thiéblin
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Added tag 0.9.0, debian/0.9.0-1 for changeset 80f2ffcd8751

parent 80f2ffcd8751
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......@@ -55,3 +55,5 @@ b3e2d66b7f4957f812850ab7b855f901742ee36c debian/0.7.6-1
139fd619fc5b9264777d68f5ebee8d2a7fb09c8b 0.8.0
139fd619fc5b9264777d68f5ebee8d2a7fb09c8b debian/0.8.0-1
f2bd9c9e607ff1a3ee69b122930edffe5affa447 debian/0.8.0-2
80f2ffcd8751bdf283e301d746ceb4e65b1bb889 0.9.0
80f2ffcd8751bdf283e301d746ceb4e65b1bb889 debian/0.9.0-1
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