Commit 69c7869f authored by Jérémy Bobbio (Lunar)'s avatar Jérémy Bobbio (Lunar)
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Fix tests for Python 3

The httplib module has been renamed to http.client in Python 3.
So let's try to import HTTPConnection from both.
parent 32a67daf6edf
import unittest
import httplib
from http.client import HTTPConnection
except ImportError:
from httplib import HTTPConnection
from elasticsearch_dsl.connections import connections
......@@ -34,7 +38,7 @@ class RealESTestMixin(object):
def setUpClass(cls):
httplib.HTTPConnection('localhost:9200').request('GET', '/')
HTTPConnection('localhost:9200').request('GET', '/')
except: # noqa
raise unittest.SkipTest(
'No ElasticSearch on localhost, skipping test')
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