Commit 8aae66bd authored by Katia Saurfelt's avatar Katia Saurfelt
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fix(schema): add vocabulary_source on PlaceEntry

parent ca287d7338c0
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add_relation_definition("PlaceEntry", "vocabulary_source", "ConceptScheme")
drop_relation_definition("AgentPlace", "vocabulary_source", "ConceptScheme")
......@@ -669,7 +669,7 @@ class source_agent(RelationDefinition):
class vocabulary_source(RelationDefinition):
subject = ("Mandate", "LegalStatus", "AgentFunction", "AgentPlace", "Occupation")
subject = ("Mandate", "LegalStatus", "AgentFunction", "PlaceEntry", "Occupation")
object = "ConceptScheme"
cardinality = "?*"
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