Commit dcc0d5c6 authored by Vladimir Popescu's avatar Vladimir Popescu
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[schema] Make the AnatomicPathologyReport composite of Biopsy/CellCulture/BiopsySample.

Thus, AnatomicPathologyReport is in the Subject container (defined in
parent 0ab4de8cb227
......@@ -78,4 +78,4 @@ class AnatomicPathologyReport(EntityType):
description = RichString(fulltextindexed=True)
conclusions = RichString(fulltextindexed=True)
report_on = SubjectRelation(('Biopsy', 'CellCulture', 'BloodSample'),
inlined=True, cardinality='1*')
inlined=True, cardinality='1*', composite='object')
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