Commit 08551f47 authored by Katia Saurfelt's avatar Katia Saurfelt
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Added tag 0.2.0, debian/0.2.0-2, centos/0.2.0-2 for changeset df7904dce3bc

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......@@ -10,3 +10,7 @@ e87e7a77d9b2e40cb3620b881cfb713fccb4adf8 centos/0.1.2-1
406a45cd0171155ec4b50a90cbad70b7a0e80753 0.2.0
406a45cd0171155ec4b50a90cbad70b7a0e80753 debian/0.2.0-1
406a45cd0171155ec4b50a90cbad70b7a0e80753 centos/0.2.0-1
0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0.2.0
df7904dce3bc48f3677f714a3515953452a6930e 0.2.0
df7904dce3bc48f3677f714a3515953452a6930e debian/0.2.0-2
df7904dce3bc48f3677f714a3515953452a6930e centos/0.2.0-2
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