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[doc] Explain tests setup

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......@@ -24,3 +24,21 @@ entity in CubicWeb. This is handled by the `LinkResourceToDatasetHook` hook,
which is abstract and should thus subclass by setting its `rtype` attribute.
See ``test/data`` for a minimal example.
Testing this cube requires a running CKAN instance with a (dedicated)
organization and a user with editors permission in the organization.
Corresponding information are expected in the `test/` file.
baseurl = '<url-of-ckan-instance>'
organization = '<organization-name>'
apikey = '<api-key-of-user-with-editors-permissions-on-organization>'
Note that, since CKAN does not expose an API function to purge datasets, we
can only *delete* them in tests. So, one has to manually purge test datasets
from the CKAN at `<baseurl>/ckan-admin/trash`.
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