Commit 1e4d4aaa authored by Denis Laxalde's avatar Denis Laxalde
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[views] Add goto CKAN dataset link

Backported from client application.
parent d88cc9dbf6d6
......@@ -15,3 +15,47 @@
# with this program. If not, see <>.
"""cubicweb-ckanpublish views/forms/actions/components for web ui"""
from urlparse import urljoin
from logilab.mtconverter import xml_escape
from cubicweb.predicates import score_entity
from cubicweb.web import component
from cubes.ckanpublish.utils import ckan_post
_ = unicode
class GotoCKANDatasetComponent(component.EntityCtxComponent):
"""Contextual component displaying a link to the CKAN dataset in
Dataset-like entities primary view.
__regid__ = 'ckanpublish.goto-ckan-dataset'
__select__ = (component.EntityCtxComponent.__select__ &
score_entity(lambda x: hasattr(x, 'ckan_dataset_id')))
title = _('CKAN dataset')
context = 'incontext'
_ckan_response = None
def init_rendering(self):
super(GotoCKANDatasetComponent, self).init_rendering()
config = self._cw.vreg.config
entity = self._cw.entity_from_eid(self.cw_rset[0][0])
r = ckan_post(config, 'package_show',
{'id': entity.ckan_dataset_id})
except Exception as exc:
self._cw.warning('fail to post to CKAN instance: %s', exc)
raise component.EmptyComponent()
self._ckan_response = r
def render_body(self, w):
r = self._ckan_response
config = self._cw.vreg.config
base = config['ckan-baseurl']
url = urljoin(base, 'dataset/' + xml_escape(r['name']))
w(u'<a target=_blank href="%s">%s<a/>' % (url, xml_escape(url)))
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