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      Update to celery 4 · 90ab474e75a2
      Philippe Pepiot authored
      This is not backward compatible with celery 3, so pin celery>=4
      See http://docs.celeryproject.org/en/4.0/whatsnew-4.0.html for summary of changes
      Change attributes from celery.app.config to lower case.
      Drop setting serializer to json in README and tests since json is now the
      default serializer.
      I had issues with test_workflow_group() where AsyncResult().get on the *group*
      task_id hang. It looks related to our test infrastructure and AFAIK there is no
      known usage of this for cubes using cubicweb-celerytask.
      I think we must dig into this bug but I already spent enough time on this, so
      let's move forward and skip this part of the test.
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      monitor: can work with multiple instances · f094aff48e8d
      Philippe Pepiot authored
      Previously we handle monitoring celery task by listening to celery event bus
      (celery.events.EventReceiver) that was not persistent. In this case we used a
      dedicated routine (on_monitor_start) to synchronize non finished tasks, but
      this wasn't working in case of an untracked task (eg. not started with
      start_async_task). Also this was a single point of failure because it cannot
      run in multiple instance without concurrency issues (events are sent to all
      Now we use a redis queue where worker put task_id and task_name to be
      synchronized and celery-monitor use brpop (https://redis.io/commands/brpop) to
      process the queue.
      We don't require CELERY_SEND_EVENTS to be enabled anymore (-E or --events in
      worker options).
      We require to add 'cw_celerytask_helpers.helpers' to CELERY_IMPORTS.
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