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      celery-monitor: requeue all pending tasks · fedf86550807
      Philippe Pepiot authored
      It can occur, for instance in case of "worker lost", that task events are not
      sent in the "MONITOR_KEY" list in redis.
      The proposed solution is to regularly check pending tasks status.
      Since this is almost the same use, this can replace the old "requeue" behavior
      of failed sync_task_state() which was based on a "PENDING_KEY" list in redis.
      So, every 10 min, was 1min before, but 10 min seems more reasonable, check all
      pending tasks status within the visibility_timeout, since tasks outside this
      range cannot have state stored in the broker.
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      Track worker exited prematurely issues · c6ec94bc9f69
      Philippe Pepiot authored
      In case of exited worker (segfault), AsyncResult.traceback is None and
      information is in AsyncResult.result, record it in the failed transition
      Add a dedicated test class, this require to run the worker in prefork mode,
      otherwise, in solo mode the information about worker lost isn't tracked.
      Use "import ctypes; ctypes.string_at(0)" to simulate a segfault.
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      Update to celery 4 · 90ab474e75a2
      Philippe Pepiot authored
      This is not backward compatible with celery 3, so pin celery>=4
      See http://docs.celeryproject.org/en/4.0/whatsnew-4.0.html for summary of changes
      Change attributes from celery.app.config to lower case.
      Drop setting serializer to json in README and tests since json is now the
      default serializer.
      I had issues with test_workflow_group() where AsyncResult().get on the *group*
      task_id hang. It looks related to our test infrastructure and AFAIK there is no
      known usage of this for cubes using cubicweb-celerytask.
      I think we must dig into this bug but I already spent enough time on this, so
      let's move forward and skip this part of the test.
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      Rework test_workflow_group() · 6cc606e5b36d
      Philippe Pepiot authored
      Drop assertion "cwtask.eid in results" which is already implicitly checked by "results[cwtask.eid]"
      Only run a group(success(), success()), which is enough for the scope of this
      test and make it compatible with celery 4 where nested groups are rewrited in a
      single group.
      Wait and test results of all subtasks, not only the first one.
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      Use frozen task id in run_all_tasks() · 09962b2ccb79
      Philippe Pepiot authored
      This code is only used in tests where we check for existence of task_id in database.
      Before running the Task, there is no guarantees that the value of Task.id will
      be used as task_id, this is the purpose of freeze().
      In this particular case Task.id = Task.freeze().id for celery 3.1.25, but this
      is no longer true in celery 4.
    • Philippe Pepiot's avatar
      Rework test_multi_revoke() · 3f7ecef9e1e0
      Philippe Pepiot authored
      We should avoid calling freeze() within a task and avoid calling freeze() twice
      (once in test and once in ICeleryTask.attach_tasks()). This produce all kinds
      of weird issues along celery versions, I think the API and behavior of freeze()
      is still somewhat experimental...
      Only assert on length of child tasks and test they are all revoked which is the
      purpose of this test.
    • Philippe Pepiot's avatar
      Drop get_task_id() · 98bb9bad617b
      Philippe Pepiot authored
      Only Task objects pass through get_task_id() and never AsyncResult, thus get_task_id()
      is now useless and is equivalent to task.freeze().id
      I think an old version of attach_task() was recursively called with either Task
      or AsyncResult thus the handling of both cases, but I cannot find the relevant
      changeset (maybe this code was never used ? ...)
      I'm pretty confident on this because all known use-cases are covered by tests.
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      Detect celery workflow meta tasks with task.type instead of hasattr · c19d0234c332
      Philippe Pepiot authored
      This make code more readable and less error prone.
    • Philippe Pepiot's avatar
      Use as_tuple() instead of serializable() · 1535d4229beb
      Philippe Pepiot authored
      serializable() and from_serializable() are deprecated in flavor of as_tuple()
      and result_from_tuple().
      This is required to migrate to celery 4
    • Philippe Pepiot's avatar
      flake8 fix over-indented line · 434cc13f80df
      Philippe Pepiot authored
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