Commit 72f358fc authored by Philippe Pepiot's avatar Philippe Pepiot
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Detect celery workflow meta tasks with task.type instead of hasattr

This make code more readable and less error prone.
parent 1535d4229beb
......@@ -257,11 +257,11 @@ class CeleryTaskAdapter(ICeleryTask):
if hasattr(task, 'body'):
self.attach_task(task.body, seen, parent)
if hasattr(task, 'tasks'):
if in ('celery.chord', 'celery.chain', ''):
for subtask in task.tasks:
self.attach_task(subtask, seen, parent)
if == 'celery.chord':
self.attach_task(task.body, seen, parent)
def get_task(self, name, *args, **kwargs):
task = super(CeleryTaskAdapter, self).get_task(
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