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README: explain celeryconfig, signatures and state synchronization

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...@@ -31,6 +31,11 @@ Start a worker:: ...@@ -31,6 +31,11 @@ Start a worker::
celery worker -l info -E celery worker -l info -E
Ensure to have the loaded for both cubicweb instance and
celery worker, enforce by settings with CELERY_CONFIG_MODULE environment
variable (it must be an importable python module).
Create a task: Create a task:
.. code-block:: python .. code-block:: python
...@@ -53,3 +58,13 @@ Run a task: ...@@ -53,3 +58,13 @@ Run a task:
from cubes.celerytask.entities import start_async_task from cubes.celerytask.entities import start_async_task
cwtask = start_async_task(cnx, 'hi_there', 'THERE', kw=42) cwtask = start_async_task(cnx, 'hi_there', 'THERE', kw=42)
start_async_task() accept task names, task objects or task signatures:
Task state synchronization require to run the `celery-monitor` command::
cubicweb-ctl celery-monitor <instance-name>
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