Commit 12d4ba3f authored by Nicola Spanti's avatar Nicola Spanti
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Added tag 0.7.3 for changeset 2091f9fc7d94

parent 2091f9fc7d94
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......@@ -27,3 +27,4 @@ e0870c2645fd6ef44d3087b7858899d678325e23 debian/0.6.1-1
2dd392f5dc4add78daab557b97be4e88bef7519e 0.7.0
1cbe72dce5daf1f8a7197a09472867d02074d808 0.7.1
57cb158c7ce5d0fc8fac5629bfa65d84b4ec3e1b 0.7.2
2091f9fc7d947802847ba3eea45d616edbd43bf5 0.7.3
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