Commit ea33443b authored by Philippe Pepiot's avatar Philippe Pepiot
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Added tag 0.10.1 for changeset 1acb964a9162

parent 1acb964a9162
......@@ -21,3 +21,4 @@ b46042bc855fea7897b8c56c1985c5617479d280 cubicweb-calendar-debian-version-0.6.0-
5a1996b373147e76aefcc2dad03b6addc46643d4 0.9.0
5a1996b373147e76aefcc2dad03b6addc46643d4 debian/0.9.0-1
daf7f6ab96981fa9152379f3a678becd7f901fc2 0.10.0
1acb964a9162d45c2cd1a55f62c28bc947bbc75d 0.10.1
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