Commit d3e0ab81 authored by Vincent Michel's avatar Vincent Michel
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[dynamicfacet] Dynamic facets should appears below the combobox, closes #4071181

parent 20b969991287
......@@ -335,9 +335,9 @@ class BrainomicsFilterBox(facets.FilterBox):
def layout_widgets(self, w, wdgs):
super(BrainomicsFilterBox, self).layout_widgets(w, wdgs)
w(u'<div class="admintools">')
w(u'<div id="dynamic-facet-container"></div>')
for comp in self._cw.vreg['dynamic-facet'].possible_objects(self._cw, rset=self.cw_rset):
w(u'<div id="dynamic-facet-container"></div>')
def clean_dynamic_facets(self):
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