Commit 4b8fd95f authored by Vladimir Popescu's avatar Vladimir Popescu
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[pkginfo] Add SlickGrid files, closes #4052951

parent f5a26db95e7c
......@@ -47,7 +47,10 @@ data_files = [
# check for possible extended cube layout
for dname in ('entities', 'views', 'sobjects', 'hooks', 'schema', 'data', 'wdoc',
'i18n', 'migration', 'importers',
'data/bootstrap', 'data/bootstrap/css', 'data/bootstrap/img', 'data/images', 'data/img',):
'data/bootstrap', 'data/bootstrap/css', 'data/bootstrap/img',
'data/images', 'data/img',
'data/SlickGrid', 'data/Slickgrid/controls',
'data/SlickGrid/images', 'data/SlickGrid/plugins'):
if isdir(dname):
data_files.append([join(THIS_CUBE_DIR, dname), listdir(dname)])
# Note: here, you'll need to add subdirectories if you want
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