Commit 4cf45374 authored by Philippe Pepiot's avatar Philippe Pepiot
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Added tag 1.13.3, debian/1.13.3-1 for changeset 4ab232937319

parent 4ab232937319
......@@ -51,3 +51,5 @@ bb155f6d3cbe76dec8856b2c872c1729865ab6ab cubicweb-blog-debian-version-1.10.1-1
2d4da59dc82b5d19341ae3c262f5e7ed2c16e386 1.13.0
2361b6621c2c603cef7e8d0ca030107e733a534f 1.13.1
4b897de0b7b855a51afc52efafe202917541f45d 1.13.2
4ab2329373198d4f479a6b3c3a813457372f5835 1.13.3
4ab2329373198d4f479a6b3c3a813457372f5835 debian/1.13.3-1
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