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cubicweb integrated awstats frontend
The awstats cube integrates statistics processed by awstats into
cubicweb for visualisation and integration.
It uses awstats processed files (`/var/lib/awstats/*`) to import stats
and visualize them. It has a simple html export of the processed data
and a visualisation of the imported stats (by document and for a time
To establish a link with the entity you want to build stats for
you need to create a relationship Hits "stats_about" X.
......@@ -12,4 +19,35 @@ you need to create a relationship Hits "stats_about" X.
subject = 'Hits'
object = ('BlogEntry', 'MicroBlogEntry')
When the link is established, importing the statistics is done using
the `update-webstats` cubicweb-ctl command. For help on that command
type ::
cubicweb-ctl update-webstats -h
The process running cubicweb and cubicweb-ctl needs to have read
access to the configured location of the processed varnish files.
The directory where the processed awstats files are contained.
If awstats processes multiple domains, which domain to use for
importing into cubicweb.
Awstats by default processes per month, but you can configure it to
deal with day periods. (split by hours is not yet implemented)
or apt-get install awstats (for debian derived distributions)
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