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[schema] Add some Postgres functions

parent 43e2135ec62f
/* -*- sql -*-
postgres specific registered procedures,
require the plpgsql language installed
add the VALUE function to be able to query the postgres arrays
in RQL query, example below:
Any X WHERE X is TimeSerie, X serie S HAVING VALUE(S, 10)>3
CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION VALUE(ar1 integer[], indice integer) RETURNS float
AS $$
return ar1[indice];
$$ LANGUAGE plpgsql;
\ No newline at end of file
## from cubicweb.schema import CONSTRAINTS
## from cubes.postgis.schema import params
## CONSTRAINTS.update((v.__name__, v) for v in params.values())
from logilab.database import FunctionDescr
from rql.utils import register_function
class VALUE(FunctionDescr):
minargs = 2
maxargs = 2
supported_backends = ('postgres',)
rtype = 'Float'
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