Commit e92f5212 authored by Laurent Peuch's avatar Laurent Peuch
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ci(gitlab-ci): use templates from a common repository

parent 91342064df6b
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......@@ -15,6 +15,7 @@ include:
- "templates/build-debian-package.yml" # will build a .deb and upload it to heptapod files
- "templates/create-release-on-heptapod-including-debian-package.yml" # this will create a release on heptapod AND uses uploaded .deb by build-debian-package
- "templates/upload-to-pypi.yml" # on a new mercurial tag (expected to be done with release-new), will push a release on pypi
- ".gitlab-ci-extended.yml" # customize/extend the configuration here if needed
- lint
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