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......@@ -81,6 +81,33 @@ This command will:
- for each file, if it has a licence part in comments, extend the licence end date to
the current year.
Advanced command
This command will launch all refactoring commands depending of the selected
family using "-t"/"--target" (by default "cubes"). This is meant for the ci.
The option "-m" can also be used.
This is a Swiss knife command that will allow you either to run:
- a specific bash command using "-k"/"--command"
- or a bash script in a shell using "-s"/"--script" (expecting the file path)
- and commit the result if any modification is made.
On all repositories selected by family.
You NEED to use the "-c"/"--commit", "-b"/"--branch" and either "-s" or "-k"
arguments to use this command.
This is intended for one shot commands (and maybe easier to write commands in the futur).
Command CLI arguments
......@@ -107,6 +134,18 @@ All commands share the same CLI arguments. They are:
Default value: False
-c, --commit
Allow to overwrite the commit message of the command. Mandatory for the
"run-script" command.
Default value: None
-b, --branch
Allow to overwrite the branch name of the command. Mandatory for the
"run-script" command.
Default value: None
-n, --number
Limit the number of cubes of which to run the command
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