Commit 71ae7899 authored by Laurent Peuch's avatar Laurent Peuch
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fix(core): handle rare case where the repository is so broken than 'hg up' fails

parent 73226eb63be0
...@@ -423,10 +423,19 @@ class Command: ...@@ -423,10 +423,19 @@ class Command:
cube, repo, root_files, branches, other_args cube, repo, root_files, branches, other_args
) )
while True: while True:
repo.run_command( try:
'hg up -C -r "last(public() and branch(default))"', repo.run_command(
capture_output=True, 'hg up -C -r "last(public() and branch(default))"',
) capture_output=True,
except Exception:
import traceback
"failed to 'hg up', the repository is probably broken, skip it"
try: try:
# {"branch_name": ..., "commit_message": ...} # {"branch_name": ..., "commit_message": ...}"run modification command for {self}")"run modification command for {self}")
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