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feat: template for proposing a base .cube-doctor.yml config

parent 8fc3d9b10eea
......@@ -8,7 +8,9 @@ from cube_doctor import (
from cube_doctor.utils import COMMANDS, commands_to_run
from cube_doctor.transforms.propose_base_config import ProposeBaseConfig
propose_base_config = ProposeBaseConfig().workflow
def hg_command(dir, command):
# look for inspiration at
......@@ -21,10 +23,16 @@ def auto_mr(delay):
config = parse_config(project)
if config is None:"project '{} {}' doesn't have .cube-doctor.yml, skip")
f"project '{} {}' doesn't have .cube-doctor.yml, skip"
# propose_base_config(project)
for command, arguments in commands_to_run(config):
# checks?
import logging
from ruamel.yaml import YAML
from cube_doctor import Command
logger = logging.getLogger("cube_doctor")
Hello dear contributors,
CubeDoctor has been given access to this repository, but to know how to works
this repository needs to have a `.cube-doctor.yml` file in its root directory.
This MR is a proposition of a base `.cube-doctor.yml` for your project.
If you want CubeDoctor to work on your project accept (and if wanted modify
If you don't want `.cube-doctor.yml` to work on your project, refuse this MR.
If you later change your mind, add a `.cube-doctor.yml` yourself.
You can find the whole documentation and the signification of each lines of
this config file here:
Kind regards,
# this is a special command that will probably never be called explicitly but will be invoke by
# auto-mr if the project doesn't already have a .cube-doctor.yml
class ProposeBaseConfig(Command):
command_name = "propose-base-config"
BRANCH_NAME = "topic/default/add-cube-doctor-yml"
commit_message = "chore(cube-doctor): add cube-doctor.yml"
TARGETS = ("cubes", "core", "client")
mr_message = MR_MESSAGE
def pre_check(self, root_files):
if ".cube-doctor.yml" in root_files:
return "continue"
def modify_code(self, cube, repo, root_files, branches, other_args):
# circular imports
from cube_doctor.utils import COMMANDS # noqa
# we ignore unused cubes
if (
cube.namespace["full_path"] == "cubicweb/cubes"
and "project-dependency" in cube.tag_list
project_kind = "cubes"
project_kind_template = "cubicweb-cube"
elif "cw-core" in cube.tag_list:
project_kind = "core"
project_kind_template = "cubicweb-core"
elif "client-project" in cube.tag_list:
project_kind = "clients"
project_kind_template = "cubicweb-app"
elif "logilab-project" in cube.tag_list:
project_kind = "clients"
project_kind_template = "cubicweb-app"
elif [x for x in root_files if x.startswith("cubicweb_")]:
... # XXX
f"couldn't determine the type of project that '{} {}' is, don't "
"propose a .cube-doctor.yml"
yaml = YAML(typ="safe")
yaml.default_flow_style = False
cube_doctor_yml = {
"rules": {
command_name: {}
for command_name, command in sorted(
COMMANDS.items(), key=lambda x: x[0]
if project_kind in command.TARGETS
cube_doctor_yml["rules"]["add-new-rules"] = {
"project-kind": project_kind_template
yaml.dump(cube_doctor_yml, repo.path / ".cube-doctor.yml")
repo.run_command("hg add .cube-doctor.yml")
if "" in root_files:
manifest_content = repo.read_file("")
manifest_content = (
manifest_content.rstrip() + "\nexclude .cube-doctor.yml\n"
repo.write_file("", manifest_content)
f"would have propose base config '{project_kind}' for project '{} {}'"
yield {"branch_name": self.BRANCH_NAME, "commit_message": self.commit_message}
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